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What is an 8825 form?

The Form 8825, also known as "Rental Real Estate Income and Expenses of a Partnership or an S Corporation," is essential for partnerships and S corporations that own and rent out real estate properties. This form helps these entities report all their rental income, as well as expenses, to accurately calculate the taxable income derived from their rental activities. It ensures the proper reporting to the IRS, aligning with tax obligations and minimizing errors.

What is an 8825 form used for?

Form 8825 is essential for real estate rental activities. Here's what it's used for:

  • To report income and expenses from rental real estate.
  • To calculate the net profit or loss from rental properties.

How to fill out an 8825 form?

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  1. 1

    Start by entering the property information including address and type.

  2. 2

    Fill in your income and expenses related to the property for the year.

  3. 3

    Calculate the net profit or loss and enter this in the designated field.

  4. 4

    If applicable, detail any depreciation or other deductions.

  5. 5

    Review all information for accuracy, then create an electronic signature if accepted.

  6. 6

    Click Done to download the completed form.

Who is required to fill out an 8825 form?

Form 8825 is filled out by partnerships and S corporations that earn rental income from real estate. This form reports income and expenses related to such activities.

After submission, the IRS uses Form 8825 to assess the correct taxes on rental income. Additionally, partners and shareholders use it to understand their share of income and expenses.

When is an 8825 form not required?

Form 8825 is not required for individuals who do not own rental real estate as part of a partnership or S corporation. This form is specifically designed for reporting rental income and expenses for such entities.

Solo proprietors reporting rental income on their personal tax returns would not use Form 8825. Instead, they report their rental activity on Schedule E (Form 1040).

When is an 8825 form due?

The deadline for Form 8825 is March 15th. This is the due date for partnerships and S corporations to submit their tax information if they operate on a calendar year basis.

If you need more time, you can request an extension to avoid penalties. Always check with the IRS for any updates or changes to filing deadlines.

How to get a blank 8825 form?

To get a blank Form 8825, visit our platform where the template is pre-loaded in our editor, ready for you to fill out. Our website helps you create and download your completed form, although we don't assist in filing it.

How to sign 8825 form online?

To sign Form 8825 online, start by opening it in PDF Guru's PDF editor. Fill in the required information on the form.

After completing the form, you can create a simple electronic signature to finalize it. Click 'Done' to download your signed form.

Where to file an 8825?

Form 8825 can be filed online, offering a convenient method for submission.

It's also possible to file Form 8825 by mail, catering to those who prefer a traditional approach.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What information do I need to complete Form 8825?

    To fill out Form 8825, you'll need detailed information about the rental real estate income and expenses for the properties you or your partnership own. This includes addresses of the properties, total rental income received, various expenses incurred such as advertising, maintenance, utilities, insurance, and taxes paid, as well as details on depreciation.

  • What common mistakes should I avoid when completing Form 8825?

    Common mistakes include not reporting all rental income, incorrectly calculating expenses or depreciation, and forgetting to provide complete information for each rental property. Ensure each section is filled out accurately and review the form thoroughly before submission.

  • Do I need to attach additional documents when submitting Form 8825?

    It depends on your specific situation. In some cases, you might need to attach additional schedules or documents that detail your rental income and expenses further. Review the instructions for Form 8825 to determine if additional documentation is required.

  • How do I correct an error on Form 8825 after it has been submitted?

    To correct an error on Form 8825 after submission, you should file an amended return. Provide the corrected information and explain the reason for the amendment. It's important to address errors as soon as they are discovered to avoid possible penalties.

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