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Why PDF Guru is the ultimate PDF maker

  • fast pdf converter

    Fast conversion

    Download your document quickly and with ease. Our PDF converter can create PDF files in seconds!
  • secure pdf

    Safe & secure

    We use HTTPS encryption to protect your digital data when you make PDF files on our platform.
  • PDF high quality visual elements

    Powerful editor

    Redact a PDF, modify text, add new objects, and perform even more actions all in one place.
  • easy to use pdf

    Easy to use

    We designed an intuitive interface so that you can use our PDF maker without any hassle.
  • no setup required

    No setup required

    Our PDF maker works online on all platforms, whether it's Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, or Android.
  • Password Protect PDF

    Password protection

    If you don’t want others to open, edit, or print your file, you can lock or restrict access to it.

A simple and powerful PDF tool

Our goal is to make PDF editing and conversion as simple and accessible as possible. PDF Guru is the perfect tool for those who have never had to edit, merge, annotate, or convert a file before. To them, we offer a beginner-friendly solution that is easy to use. Meanwhile, users who often deal with PDFs will also appreciate its speed, accuracy, and powerful capabilities.

What users are saying about our online tool

  • Lily Kim

    5 / 5

    Great choice for work

    As a paralegal, I have to work with PDFs all the time. Now I basically use PDF Guru for everything: editing, signature, sharing, you name it.

  • Andy Gibson

    4 / 5

    Just what I’ve been looking for

    I’ve been looking for an app or a website that would allow me to not only convert files online to PDF but also edit them in one place. This is it!

  • Mark Johnson

    5 / 5

    Very user-friendly

    I’ve been using this PDF maker to convert my CV and share it with employers. It’s really easy to create PDF docs and download them.

  • Donna MacPherson

    5 / 5

    Thanks for caring about user privacy

    I’m really worried about my privacy when using any online tool, so I’m really glad to have found this website. Glad I don’t have to worry about someone stealing my files.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why convert to PDF ?

    PDF advantages include graphic integrity, meaning that this format helps preserve the layout of your file while keeping its elements open to editing. Plus, with a PDF editor like ours, you can restrict any modifications and printing of your document. Yet, despite all these benefits, PDF is rarely used to its full potential because most people use standard reading software that cannot perform such functions. Thankfully, our platform can.

  • How long does it take to create a PDF ?

    Our PDF converter can process your Word docs, images, and other files incredibly fast. Typically it takes mere seconds to turn even large documents into PDF format. As soon as you upload your file and click "Convert," our servers get to work immediately to make a PDF for you.

  • Why use our PDF maker ?

    PDF Guru is a web application. Unlike installed software, online applications are compatible with many different operating systems. You can use our PDF reader and converter to create PDF files and modify them on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS devices, or Android as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

  • What types of files does PDF Guru work with ?

    To date, our online to PDF converter supports the following formats: Word, JPG, PNG, Excel, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT, PPTX, Mobi, SVG, CSV, AZW3, PPT, etc. However, we're always expanding our list of available extensions to make PDF management more convenient for our users. Therefore, if you want to request a specific format, feel free to share your proposal with our support team.

  • Is it safe to upload my files to PDF Guru ?

    Our online PDF creator is completely secure to use because it incorporates advanced encryption technology. You can safely upload your file, make a PDF, and download it using the website. Furthermore, we offer a service that lets you protect your documents with a password. This way, after you create PDF files on our platform, no one will be able to access them even if they get their hands on your data somehow.

  • What should I do if I encounter problems or errors while using PDF Guru ?

    If you have any doubts or difficulties using our PDF generator, please send an email to Our experienced consultants will guide you through any problem you may experience to help you create PDF files as easily as possible.

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