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What is a 720 form?

Form 720 is for businesses required to pay federal excise taxes on specific goods, services, and activities. This includes environmental taxes, communications and air transportation taxes, fuel taxes, and more. It's vital for companies involved in these sectors to complete and submit Form 720 quarterly to comply with tax regulations and avoid penalties.

What is a 720 form used for?

Form 720 is essential for reporting federal excise taxes. Here's what it's used for:

  • To report and pay taxes on specific goods and services.
  • To fulfill quarterly tax reporting obligations for businesses.
  • To comply with federal regulations on environmental and communication services.

How to fill out a 720 form?

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  1. 1

    Start by entering your personal information in the designated fields, including your name and address.

  2. 2

    Identify the tax period the form covers; input the start and end dates accurately.

  3. 3

    Calculate your tax liability according to the instructions for the form, ensuring all applicable sections are completed.

  4. 4

    Review the form for any errors or omissions; correct them to ensure accuracy.

  5. 5

    Create a simple electronic signature if the form accepts this type of signature, and add it to the designated area.

  6. 6

    Once completed, click Done to prepare the document for downloading.

  7. 7

    Enter your email, select a subscription plan, and download the document for your records.

Who is required to fill out a 720 form?

Form 720 is primarily filled out by businesses responsible for excise taxes on specific goods, services, and activities.

Regulatory agencies and the IRS use Form 720 to monitor excise tax payments and ensure compliance.

When is a 720 form not required?

Form 720 is not necessary for individuals or businesses that are not engaged in activities subject to excise taxes. This includes most private consumers and companies operating outside of the sectors like fuel production, air transportation, and manufacturing of specific goods.

If your operations do not involve these federally taxable services and products, you're likely exempt from filing Form 720. It's important for taxpayers to review the list of taxable services and products to determine their filing obligations accurately.

When is a 720 form due?

The deadline for Form 720 is on the last day of the month following the end of the quarter. This means you must submit it by April 30, July 31, October 31, and January 31 for each respective quarter.

Remembering these dates helps ensure your submission is timely and in accordance with official requirements.

How to get a blank 720 form?

For those needing to complete Form 720, our platform offers a pre-loaded template in our editor, allowing users to fill out the necessary information directly on our site and download it afterward for their records, without the need to submit it through us.

How to sign 720 form online?

PDF Guru offers a way to add your signature to forms. First, complete your form in the PDF editor. Then, select the option to create a signature.

After creating your signature in PDF Guru, place it in the designated area on your form. Confirm your details, and then download your signed document.

Where to file a 720?

Form 720 must be submitted through mail to the IRS. It's for reporting federal excise taxes by businesses.

Some businesses can also submit Form 720 online via the IRS e-file system.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What businesses need to file Form 720?

    Form 720 is required to be filed by businesses that deal in the sale or manufacture of specific goods and services subject to federal excise taxes. This includes, but is not limited to, businesses involved in the sale of fuel, airline tickets, tobacco, and indoor tanning services. It is also required from those who receive payments for patient services under certain health insurance policies. Businesses should review the IRS guidelines to determine if their operations result in excise tax liabilities that necessitate filing Form 720.

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