Julian Wasser


Julian Wasser is an experienced writer and a key editor on PDF Guru’s Content team. With over five years spent unraveling the complexities of PDF tools, he provides readers with insightful tips to boost their productivity and digital workflow. Julian’s guiding principle? "The simpler, the better."

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Personal background

  • Julian has a master's in English Philology and completed a few courses on creative writing and strategic marketing
  • He lives in Berlin and loves this city "like cinnamon rolls"

Personal accomplishments

  • Recognized for in-depth market research and interviews
  • Excells at simplifying complex technical topics
  • Acknowledged for insightful contributions to various digital platforms
  • Has managed client feedback sessions
  • Has crafted guidelines for copywriting
  • Has collaborated with designers on creating visually appealing marketing materials

Julian’s contributions to PDF Guru

  • Crafts engaging content for our blog & product pages
  • Aims to make PDF solutions more accessible to readers
  • Takes an active role in knowledge-sharing meet-ups
  • Proofreads and edits copy to ensure accuracy

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