March Updates: Discover the Latest Features on PDF Guru

Mar 21, 2024
4 min
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We're excited to share some enhancements we’ve made to our platform PDF Guru: additional file formats, several new language versions, and expanded editing features. Who inspires us? You. It's your feedback that has fueled our efforts to enhance the tool's functionality and ease of use.

The program works perfectly and helped me a lot. If I need it again I will use it again. .... Thank you very much and excellent program.


More file formats for conversion

Our toolkit just got an upgrade with new file formats! You can now transform your PDFs into DWG or CSV, taking your document handling to the next level. Now, let's quickly delve into what makes these formats stand out.

  • DWG, originally acronymized from "drawing," is designed to capture both two-dimensional and three-dimensional vector graphics. It uses a binary file extension that significantly compresses data, rendering it ideal for housing large design files. DWG files are among the most preferred CAD file formats among engineers and designers across various industries.

  • CSV, short for Comma-Separated Values, is a widely recognized file format for spreadsheets. Due to their standardized format, CSV files are extensively utilized across various industries for exchanging data, as most software applications can easily read and process them. Data analysts and system admins use this format every day for easy and efficient data sharing.

PDF Guru takes great pride in offering an extensive variety of conversion formats. Is there any format missing that you would like to see on our platform? Reach out to us now, and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Edit images like never before

We have also improved our image editing features to offer a more intuitive experience. Enhanced with clipping, shearing, adjusting opacity, aligning, and rotating, our PDF editor now enables users to swiftly adjust their images. This is particularly beneficial for graphic designers, social media managers, and content creators who regularly engage with visual content.

PDF Guru is now available in 5 languages

In addition to the English version, our platform now supports French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

We value language diversity and create an inclusive space for all users. That is why we are already working on bringing even more language versions to PDF Guru. In the next couple of months, you can expect the addition of Portuguese, Polish, and Japanese. Of course, there will be many more to come.

Having an all-in-one tool for various tasks is cool. That’s why we’re constantly expanding PDF Guru functionality. Check it out for yourself! But if there's anything missing, we're more than happy to talk. Don't hesitate to contact us by email: