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The best DWG converter for every user

Converting AutoCAD to PDF is a struggle most architects and product designers are familiar with. There are many DWG to PDF converter tools available online, but not all of them work as desired. PDF Guru is more reliable thanks to a team of experts that’s behind it. It can change DWG to PDF in seconds without negatively affecting the quality of your work. The output PDF is much more universally accessible than the DWG format, enabling users to share their work easily.


  • How to save a DWG file as a PDF ?

    While you can convert DWG file to PDF within programs like AutoCAD, it’s easier to do so with a CAD to PDF converter like PDF Guru. It not only helps change DWG to PDF but also offers tools to edit the resulting document. There’s no hard work involved, either. Just upload the file, let the DWG converter work, and download your document.

  • How to convert AutoCAD to PDF ?

    Converting DWG (AutoCAD) to PDF isn’t difficult. By default, AutoCAD saves files in the DWG format. This format is accessible and editable by various CAD software tools. Many of these may be used to export PDF files, but using a dedicated .dwg to .pdf converter is often easier.

  • What is AutoCAD used for ?

    This is a software program designed for architects, town planners, product designers, etc. It’s used for making detailed drawings across various industries like architecture, construction, automotive, etc. It works with both 2D and 3D design documents. Since not everyone has access to AutoCAD, it becomes crucial to convert DWG to PDF when you need to share the work with others.

  • Can I convert DWG (CAD) to PDF and then edit it ?

    When you convert DWG to PDF file, you might think the resulting document won’t be editable. That’s not entirely true. While it may not be as editable as in AutoCAD, PDF Guru will still allow you to make changes to your PDF, thanks to the variety of tools it offers. You can rearrange pages, add or delete content, and do much more after you convert DWG to PDF online.

  • Why convert a DWG file to PDF ?

    DWG files are not widely accessible by everyone, as they need dedicated software to be opened. When you convert DWG to PDF, it becomes much easier to share and view. There’s no need for any special software to view PDF files, as they can be viewed even in most modern browsers. Also, the files become easier to print and annotate when converting AutoCAD to PDF.

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