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How to edit a PDF

  • upload pdf file Click “Upload” or drag & drop your document into the upload area
  • Create PDFMake necessary changes to your PDF file: edit, redact, or add elements (text, image, etc.)
  • add pdf updateReview your document one final time
  • download PDFClick “Download” and choose your desired format
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Why chose PDF Guru

  • fast pdf converter

    Fast conversion

    Download your document quickly and with ease. Our PDF converter can create PDF files in seconds!

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    Safe & secure

    We use HTTPS encryption to protect your digital data when you make PDF files on our platform.

  • powerful editor

    Powerful editor

    Redact a PDF, modify text, add new objects, and perform even more actions all in one place.
  • easy to use pdf

    Easy to use

    We designed an intuitive interface so that you can use our PDF maker without any hassle.
  • no setup required

    No setup required

    Our PDF maker works online on all platforms, whether it's Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, or Android.

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    Password protection

    If you don’t want others to open, edit, or print your file, you can lock or restrict access to it.

User-friendly PDF editor for everyone

We've made it our goal to create the best PDF editor one can find on the internet. In order to do so, we're working to constantly improve our product. PDF Guru is the perfect tool for those who have never had to edit, annotate, convert, or secure PDF documents. To them, we offer a beginner-friendly solution that is easy to use. Meanwhile, users who often deal with PDFs will also appreciate its speed, accuracy, and powerful capabilities.


  • What is a PDF editor ?

    An online PDF editor is a web application that not only allows you to view a document in PDF format like a PDF reader, but also makes it editable. You can change PDF files in any way you want: edit text in PDF, add a watermark, shapes, or images, rearrange pages, change layout, and more. Besides being able to edit PDF text, you can convert the file format back and forth, password protect PDF, and perform many other actions.

  • Why would I need to edit a PDF file ?

    PDF format has become a standard for document management everywhere because it's universal, useful, and editable. You may have to edit documents to fill out PDF forms, sign PDF documents online, etc. If you're looking for a job, using a PDF editor online will allow you to elevate your CV, improving its layout, and making it more visually compelling. If you work in law, you may have to deal with PDF editing when reviewing and modifying legal contracts or other documents. Whatever the need, having a reliable PDF document editor can help streamline these workflows, allowing quick changes to text, images, links, and formatting.

  • How do I make a PDF editable ?

    The PDF format was designed to be editable. Although some types of software can only read these files, they're absolutely possible to edit. PDF document can be uploaded into our PDF text editor, and you can easily change font size and color, highlight text, annotate, add text box to PDF or an image file, password protect PDF, and much more. Here's how it works:

    1. Click "Upload" or drag and drop your file into the upload area.
    2. Get started editing your PDF with a wide range of tools.
    3. Download the file to your storage device.
  • How do I add text to a PDF ?

    Here's what you need to do to add text box to PDF documents:

    1. To use our editor, PDF needs to be uploaded first.
    2. Find the Add Text tool at the top of the page and click on it.
    3. Click and drag to select an area where you want to insert your text.
    4. Enter the text. That's it! You can also add comments, images, annotation, forms, etc.
  • How do I edit a PDF form ?

    PDF Guru can be used as a form filler on any device. Here's how you can edit PDF document forms:

    1. Load the file into the editor window or drag and drop the file into the upload area.
    2. On the top panel, click the Edit Text icon.
    3. Move the cursor to the desired line of the form and begin filling it out.
    4. When finished, press the Download button to save the form to your device for later submission.
  • How to edit PDF files on Mac OS ?

    You can modify PDFs on Mac OS using its built-in PDF reader Preview which also works with many other extensions, from PNG to JPG. Although this software allows you to make basic changes like adding your signature, it's still quite limited in functionality. Therefore, if you need complete editing control of your PDFs, we recommend you use our PDF tools.

  • How to edit PDF files on Windows ?

    Microsoft Windows does not come with a built-in PDF editor, so you can choose one of the following methods for PDF editing:

    1. Edit PDF online. Online services work with any OS, so you can easily use the PDF Guru toolbar in any browser.
    2. Install special software for PDF editing on your PC.
    3. Use Microsoft Word to open PDFs as Word Documents, make changes, and save the files back to PDF.
  • How to edit PDF online in Google Docs ?

    Google Drive has no built-in tool that can create PDF documents or edit them. However, Google Docs and other Workspace programs can convert PDFs to a limited number of formats, as well as convert other files, like PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets to PDF format. If you want to edit a PDF file, you can only do so using dedicated software or online tools like ours.

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