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How to Convert JPG to PDF

  • upload pdf file Click on the JPG to PDF button in the toolbar
  • Create PDFDrag & drop or upload your photo into the upload box
  • add pdf updateWait a couple of seconds while the JPG to PDF converter processes your image
  • download PDFFind the converted file in your download folder
How to convert JPG to PDF

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Meet your optimized JPG to PDF converter

The PDF conversion experience depends on accuracy and speed. Our software guarantees perfect conversion and saves JPG images in PDF format in high-resolution. By converting your JPG picture to PDF, our software simultaneously compresses them while maintaining excellent image quality. All your files are automatically saved in your PDF Guru account. Thanks to this, you can easily start editing PDFs without having to download them again. You can convert any number of JPG files without any limitations or additional fees.


  • Can you convert JPG to PDF ?

    Yes, you can easily change JPG to PDF using an online converter. Our powerful software guarantees the accuracy and high quality of conversion. To turn JPG into PDF, you just need to upload your image into the working area of the PDF converter. Our software will do the rest. This is the shortest and most efficient way to convert formats.

  • How to change a JPG to PDF ?

    If you want to save JPG as PDF, you can download special software. You can buy it and install on your computer or mobile device. However, this option will not be budget-friendly, especially if you do not convert JPG to PDF very often.

    The second option is to use online platforms. They are always available and regularly update their software, adding new features. PDF Guru turns image into PDF instantly, thus freeing you up for more interesting things. The platform also offers many other tools that will be useful in your work with PDFs.

  • What’s the difference between JPG and JPEG ?

    When a user sees JPG and JPEG extensions, they may think that these are different file formats or an earlier and a later version of the same format. In reality, this is the same format, and the differences are explained by Windows versions:

    1. In earlier versions of Windows, the file extension could not exceed 3 letters, so the .jpg option was chosen.
    2. This limitation was removed in later versions, so the developers decided to use the .jpeg extension as an acronym for the Joint Photographic Experts Group.
    3. Linux and Mac don't make that distinction in the file format because they don't have the 3-letter limit

    Our online JPG to PDF converter perceives these 2 formats as identical. That’s why it successfully converts both JPG and JPEG as equal.

  • How to make JPG to PDF on Mac ?

    You can convert JPG into PDF on Mac in three different ways:

    1. Use a fast online converter that will change your photo to PDF within a couple of seconds.
    2. Choose the built-in Preview application for this task.
    3. Install additional software for working with PDF files on your Mac

    When working with the PDF tool online, you just need to create an account on our platform and use it every time you need to perform any action with your PDFs. To complete this task, select JPG to PDF from the toolbar and upload your file on the converter page. The conversion will start automatically, and you don't need to do anything.

    If you're using Preview on a Mac, you'll need to open your JPG. Then, in the File section, select the "Export as PDF" option. Fill in all the file parameters in the pop-up window and press the "Save" button. If you want to convert JPG to PDF with additional software installed on your Mac, you need to follow its instructions.

  • How to convert JPG to PDF on Windows ?

    Windows does not offer its users a built-in JPG to PDF converter. Therefore, you should use the online platform or install the specialized software. The second option is more expensive and demands more effort, so it’s easier to use an online image to PDF converter.

    1. Open our platform in any browser
    2. Create your account in which you will perform all actions with PDF files
    3. Go to the JPG to PDF page
    4. Upload your JPG file in the working area
    5. In a couple of seconds, the finished PDF will be in your download folder

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