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How to Password Protect a PDF

  • upload pdf file Log in to your account and select the Protect PDF tool
  • add pdf updateClick Upload or drag & drop your document into the upload area
  • Create PDFIn the window that opens, select access settings and click OK
  • download PDFClick Download and choose your desired format
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    If you don’t want others to open, edit, or print your file, you can lock or restrict access to it.

Helping you password protect your most important files

Our team of tech and product specialists works tirelessly to build a simple and reliable solution for online PDF document protection. We want you to be able to restrict access to your most important files with ease. PDF guru lets you secure PDF with a password in just a few clicks without any unnecessary steps. Customize permissions and limit actions like printing and copying to keep your documents secure. We use the latest encryption standards to prevent unauthorized access.


  • Why do I need to protect PDFs with a password ?

    Sending sensitive personal or business information over the Internet can be risky. If someone hacks your or the recipient's email, they can gain access to confidential or private information contained in various files, including PDFs. But if you password protect a PDF, the hackers won't be able to open the file even after stealing it.

    However, preventing unauthorized access is only one of the reasons why you may need to encrypt your PDFs. You may also need to do it to limit editing and maintain format integrity.

    Moreover, in some cases, you may be required to password protect PDF file to meet data compliance regulations. Protection is often required to comply with security rules and protocols for financial records, healthcare documents, legal files, and other sensitive data types to avoid fines. The general rule is that when you work with a PDF, password protect your file if it contains information that can't be shared with just anybody.

  • How does PDF password protection work ?

    When you use the PDF password protect tool on your file, you're making it accessible only to those who know the password. Basically, when anyone tries to open your file, they'll see a pop-up window requesting that password. You can also choose other access settings to protect your PDF file:

    • Permission to print the document;
    • Permission to edit;
    • Permission to copy text;
    • Enabling text access for screen readers;
  • How to password protect PDF files online ?

    To avoid becoming a gullible victim of cunning scammers and data breaches, you can secure PDF with password online. To do this, you need to use the PDFGuru web application, which can be used on any OS, including Windows, Mac, and Linux:

    1. Log in to your PDF Guru account.
    2. Select the Protect PDF tool.
    3. Upload your file and find the padlock icon in the toolbar.
    4. Click on this icon and choose your desired protection settings in the pop-up window.
    5. Confirm your decision by clicking OK and complete the PDF download. Now, your file is reliably protected with a security password.
  • How to password protect PDF on Mac ?

    Mac OS has certain capabilities for working with PDF files, but they are limited. Therefore, if you need one versatile tool that can make a PDF, edit, sign, merge, convert, split, and everything in between, it is better to use PDF Guru.

    But if you need an offline tool, you can password protect PDF on Mac using the Preview application. Here's how it works:

    1. Open your file in Preview.
    2. Choose File on the menu, and click Export.
    3. Click Permissions in the pop-up window and choose access settings.
    4. Confirm your password and export the file.
  • How to password protect a PDF on Windows ?

    Windows offers few options to add a password to your file. The easiest way to secure documents is with Microsoft Word:

    1. Open your PDF in Word.
    2. Click File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document.
    3. In the pop-up that opens, choose Options and check Encrypt the document with a password.
    4. Click OK and add a password for your PDF document.

    This will ensure password security, but opening PDFs in Word isn't always an option.

    If you don't use Microsoft Office, you'll be better off using our online PDF tool, which provides unlimited possibilities to improve your file. It's a web application that works on Windows as well as other OSes and is also available on Android and iPhone. You can PDF protect with our advanced algorithms in less than 5 minutes. This is very convenient for everyone, especially for those who regularly engage in business correspondence.

  • Can I remove a password from my PDF ?

    Yes, with PDF Guru, you can always remove password, protect PDF, and everything in between. The only condition is that to remove restrictions, the PDF has to be yours. If you protect a PDF file yourself, you can use the same padlock tool (Secure Document) to unlock it.

    You can't just upload a password-locked PDF document onto our platform and remove access restrictions. Also, keep in mind that removing the password without the owner's permission may be illegal and unethical. Always make sure to obtain proper authorization before attempting to remove password protection from a PDF file.

Secure your PDF with a password