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How to sign a PDF

  • upload pdf file Select the Sign PDF tool and upload the document to which you want to add a signature
  • Create PDFSelect the type of e-signature in the pop-up window — you can draw, type, or upload it as an image
  • add pdf updateClick Create and Use to add your signature to PDF; adjust the size and click the check mark to confirm
  • download PDFClick Download and save the document to your device
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Helping you go paperless with e-signature

Our team is very passionate about minimizing paper waste and promoting sustainable practices. This is why we've developed a user-friendly tool that helps users electronically sign PDF documents. By simply clicking a few buttons, you can generate a personalized e-signature and legally validate your PDF without the need for printing. PDF Guru not only allows you to securely fill and sign PDF agreements, invoices, forms, etc., but also reduces your clutter and environmental impact.


  • Is an electronic signature considered valid ?

    Yes, an e signature is considered valid and legally binding in most jurisdictions as long as it meets certain requirements and standards outlined by law. These requirements can vary by country and region, but in general, electronic signatures are considered valid when they effectively demonstrate the intent of the signatory to agree to the terms of a document or contract.

    With the advancement of technology, anyone can now digitally sign PDF documents instead of using pen and paper. Our website also offers the eSign PDF tool among many others. It's completely safe to sign PDF documents online if you're using a secure and reliable platform.

  • What are the benefits of using esignature to sign a PDF ?

    Using eSign for PDF signature is a better option for several reasons:

    • Accessibility. Those with disabilities have several ways to create signature for PDF files: drawing rather than struggling with wet signatures.
    • Convenience. You can certify documents anytime, anywhere, on any device. No need to print, sign, scan, fax, or mail documents — you're free to sign PDF on iPhone or any other mobile device in addition to desktops.
    • Speed. It's faster to sign a PDF document electronically because you don't have to acquire a physical copy of the document. You can obtain and submit it using your computer.
    • Cost savings & sustainability. When you sign PDF online, you're eliminating the printing, shipping, storage, and processing of paper documents. You're also cutting down on paper waste.
  • How do I sign a Word Document on a Mac ?

    Our platform allows for easy PDF fill and sign on any OS, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and any Android or iOS mobile device. Thus, you can e sign a PDF file using our PDF Editor on any device and from any browser. However, if you want to use an offline application, you have two options:

    1. Open your file in Microsoft Word and click Insert > Signature Line. Enter the details in the pop-up window and click OK. Double-click the Signature Line and enter your electronic signature in text.

    2. Export your Word document to PDF and open it in the Preview app. Choose the Markup icon (which looks like a pen). Then click on the Signature icon. Now you can draw your electronic signature on the trackpad or write it on a piece of white paper and hold it in front of your web camera for the app to copy.

    If you want to avoid all these extra steps, we recommend you sign PDF online using our tools.

  • How do I create a signature for PDF documents on a PC ?

    To perform a PDF sign on a Windows computer, you need to open your file in Microsoft Edge. Then, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the Draw icon (which looks like a downward-facing pencil).
    2. Use your cursor to draw your e-signature.
    3. Save the edited file.

    That's it! Although this process seems simple, unfortunately, you can't save your signature in Microsoft Edge. To do this, you need to download special PDF-editing software or sign a PDF online using a multipurpose platform like ours.

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