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How to convert PNG to PDF

  • upload pdf file Log into your account and choose the 'PNG to PDF' tool
  • Create PDFUpload or drag and drop your file into the window
  • add pdf updateWait for the PNG to PDF converter to process the image
  • download PDFVoilà! The PDF will be downloaded to your device and saved in your account
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Our PNG to PDF converter is super easy to use

No more unnecessary steps! Now, a few clicks is all it takes to turn PNG into PDF. We know changing formats can be a headache. That's why we make sure our users have the most seamless and efficient experience using our PNG to PDF converter. Helping you streamline your workflow and achieve your goals is our top priority, so give our online tool a try and simplify your conversion tasks in no time!


  • Why should I convert PNG images to PDF format?

    PNG images are great for sharing and viewing on various devices, but they are not ideal for documents. Here are several reasons why you might want to change PNG to PDF format:

    1. PNG files do not have multiple pages. Converting PNG to PDF allows you to combine multiple images into a single file, making it easier to share and view on various devices.
    2. PDF format preserves image quality. You might want to turn PNG to PDF because the latter is a lossless format. This means that the quality of the images will not degrade when they are converted to PDF and shared.
    3. You can add text to PDFs. When you convert PNG file to PDF, it allows you to add editable text or other elements to your images, such as captions or annotations.
  • How to turn a PNG into a PDF?

    The easiest and fastest way to convert PNG to PDF online is to use our online tool. Just upload your file in the box at the top of this page, and the conversion process will start automatically. When it's ready, the PDF file will be downloaded to your device and saved in your profile — you don't even need to click any buttons.

    An alternative way to convert your file from PNG to PDF is to use downloadable software. But those are often expensive and take up your precious storage space. Therefore, we recommend sticking with our online PDF tool.

  • How to convert PNG to PDF on Mac?

    Preview is a built-in Mac application that allows you to save PNG as PDF files. Here's how to use it:

    1. Open the PNG file in Preview.
    2. Click File and select Export as PDF.
    3. Choose a folder and click Save.

    And that's it! This method works great when you need to change your file format from PNG to PDF without an internet connection.

  • How to convert PNG to PDF on Windows?

    Windows does not provide any built-in programs you can use as a PNG to PDF converter, but there is a workaround.

    1. First, you need to open your PNG file in a browser window, like Google Chrome.
    2. Then, click File and select Print.
    3. Next, choose Print to PDF and click Save.
    4. Name your document and save it to the destination folder.
    5. Click Save again.

    As you can see, this way of converting PNG to PDF involves way too many steps. With our PDF tool, you'll have your file ready in a much shorter time.

Convert PNG to PDF in No Time