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How to compress a PDF

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  • add pdf updateOur PDF compressor will immediately reduce PDF file size
  • download PDFCompressed versions of your PDF will automatically appear in your Downloads folder and your account
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Making PDF compression a breeze

Our goal is to build the best PDF compressor one can find. In order to do so, we're constantly working to improve our product. PDF Guru is the perfect tool for those who have never had to edit, convert, or compress PDF. Large file or small, it makes no difference. Our powerful software to compress PDF will cope with any task. Check it out now and you'll see for yourself! Even experienced document users will appreciate the ability to extreme compress PDF files.


  • What does compressed PDF mean ?

    If you want to condense the content of two pages into one, you can adjust the font size to make it more compact. Similarly, in order to reduce size of PDF documents, the application needs to make certain alterations to the bits and bytes. You can use our tool to compress PDF online and obtain the same document but in a smaller size. Also, when you compress size of PDF files, you're able to save precious storage space.

  • How to reduce PDF file size ?

    To instantly compress PDF file size, you can use our high-speed tools. To do this, you need only a few seconds and a couple of mouse clicks:

    1. Open the PDF size reducer by pressing the Compress PDF button in the toolbar.
    2. Upload your file or drag and drop it.
    3. The application will automatically start to reduce your file.
    4. Then, a copy of the compressed file will automatically appear in your Downloads folder and your account, where you can continue working with it.

    Our universal PDF reducer works on Windows, Linux, Mac, and other OSes. Use it to compress a large PDF on any device without the slightest loss of quality.

  • What size PDFs can I compress ?

    There are a few things you should consider in terms of size when you comress PDF: images included, design elements, number of fonts, etc. With our tool, you can reduce PDF files of up to 50 MB.

    Usually, users compress PDF documents of medium volume, which they deal with on a daily basis. But if you have large files with many pictures or other heavy elements, you may need to minimize your PDF: reduce size by 20% to 30%. Any more will result in poor quality. If your file is already relatively small in size, our tool will compress PDF to 1 MB, 2 MB, or even less to get a very small document.

    Also, please note that you can compress PDF to smaller size multiple times to optimize its size even further. For example, if you want a PDF compressed to 100 KB, 200 KB, or 300 KB, upload it into the Compressor several times.

  • How to compress PDF files on Mac ?

    Our PDF compressor works on any platform, so you can easily use it to process your documents online by following the process laid out above. However, you can also use the Preview software to reduce size of PDF on Mac. It's a native program and comes already installed on your computer. Here's how to use Preview to compress a PDF:

    1. Open your file in the Preview app.
    2. Go to the File tab and select Export from the drop-down list.
    3. You'll see a pop-up menu with a field titled Quartz filter.
    4. Select Reduce File Size and save your file.

    Keep in mind that if you compress PDF on Mac, its quality may be lower after this operation. To compress PDF without losing quality, you need to use more advanced programs, such as our PDF Compressor.

  • How to compress PDF for an email ?

    You can reduce PDF size online to send large files by email easily. This is done very quickly, so it will only speed up the process of sending messages with attached files. Use our Compress my PDF tool to reduce file size. PDF will be automatically saved on your device. Check whether you're satisfied with the result. If yes, go ahead and upload the file as an an email attachment. If not, you can run your file through our PDF compressor one more time.

  • How do you compress a PDF without losing quality ?

    The main loss of quality during compression occurs in relation to images. The general rule is that the more you reduce PDF file size, the worse it will look. Even with the best PDF compress, a significant reduction in size will result in significant loss of quality.

    However, with our advanced application, you can compress PDF and preserve its original look. Plus, the ability to compress images while keeping the layout intact allows you to share or store them more conveniently.

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