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How to convert Excel to PDF

  • upload pdf file Log in to your PDF Guru account to convert Excel to PDF online
  • Create PDFGo to the ‘Excel to PDF’ tool and upload your Excel file
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How to convert Excel to PDF

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Helping you convert Excel to PDF with ease

Turn your spreadsheets into a reliable and protected PDF format with our advanced PDF converter. We offer feature-rich software to edit and finalize your converted PDFs. By converting Excel to PDF with our help, you get the desired result in seconds. The accuracy and speed of conversion are guaranteed by the best team of PDF Guru developers


  • Can I convert Excel to PDF ?

    Yes, you can easily save Excel as PDF. An Excel file is very sensitive to changes, but you can turn it into a more stable and better protected PDF format. Use PDF Guru’s Excel to PDF converter to switch between formats with ease. You’ll find the guide on using our tool at the top of this page. You might also want to consider turning an Excel file into PDF for easier sharing and reduced file size.

  • How to turn XLSX into PDF ?

    Even if you do not have special software for working with PDF on your device, you can very easily convert Excel to PDF online. PDF Guru works in any browser, making it a universal tool for converting XLSX to PDF. To access its convenient and high-speed XLSX file to PDF conversion tool, create your personal account. PDF Guru software algorithms work in such a way that all actions are performed automatically. You just need to upload your Excel file.

    Alternatively, you can turn Excel into PDF using a spreadsheet editor or downloadable software. The problem with the latter is that it often comes with a hefty price tag and occupies lots of disk space. Therefore, it’s easier and cheaper to use an Excel to PDF converter online.

  • How to save Excel as PDF ?

    To save XLSX to PDF, take these 3 steps:

    1. Log in to your PDF Guru account from your computer or mobile device.
    2. Go to the Excel to PDF tab and upload the file to the upload area.
    3. The PDF tool will automatically convert XLS to PDF and download it to your device.

    You can also save Excel as PDF directly into MS Excel after you’ve finishedworking on your spreadsheets. Go to File > Save As, and select PDF format.

  • How to convert Excel to PDF on Mac ?

    Converting Excel to PDF on Mac is possible in several ways:

    1. If you just need to share Excel as a PDF file, you can use the “Save As” function in MS Excel. Go to the File tab, find this option, and in the pop-up window, indicate that you need a PDF file.
    2. Open your Excel spreadsheet in Keynote and export it as a PDF. The problem with this method is that opening your XLSX file in Keynote may affect its original formatting.
    3. If you already have an XLSX file, you can use our online Excel to PDF converter to turn your spreadsheets into a document with a fixed layout. This method is the fastest as it eliminates unnecessary steps and saves you time. Our tool works on all platforms including Mac, so feel free to use it to convert an Excel file to PDF.
  • What is the difference between XLS and XLSX ?

    XLS and XLSX are both Excel spreadsheet formats. XLS is the older format used by Excel up to 2003. It's less suitable for data integration. XLSX, introduced in Excel 2007 and later, uses a more modern XML structure, which makes files smaller and easier to manage. It's better for handling large data sets and is more compatible with other data processing applications. While XLSX is the standard for newer versions of Excel, XLS is still used for compatibility with older versions. Our XLSX and XLS to PDF converter works with both extensions, so you can upload either.

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