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How to convert PPT to PDF

  • upload pdf file Log into your account and choose the 'PPT to PDF' tool
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How to convert pptx to pdf

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Unlock more possibilities with our PPTX to PDF converter

Whether you're turning your PowerPoint presentations into PDFs for educational resources, business reports, or any other content, we're your go-to source for smooth conversion tasks. Create stable PDFs effortlessly and don't worry about how the layout will turn out on different devices — now it's fixed. Our versatile PPT to PDF converter simplifies the process, freeing up your time and effort.


  • How to turn a PowerPoint into a PDF ?

    You can use our online PPTX to PDF converter to turn a file from .pptx to .pdf. Here's how it works:

    1. Locate the presentation you want to convert and make sure the layout is exactly as you want it to be. This step is important because when you convert PowerPoint to PDF, it stabilizes the file's layout.
    2. Then, upload the presentation to our platform to convert PPTX to PDF. Your presentation's filename extension can be either a PPT or PPTX — it doesn't matter.
    3. Once you've uploaded it, our PDF tool will immediately start processing it, and as soon as the conversion is over, the new file will be downloaded to your device and saved in your account.
  • Can I use your PPTX to PDF converter on my mobile device ?

    Certainly! Our PowerPoint to PDF converter can be used on your mobile device without any hassle. You can easily convert multiple PPT to PDF files in just a few simple steps the same way as you would on the desktop version (see the steps above). The only difference is that you'll have to upload your presentation from any storage app on your device, for example, Files on Mac OS.

  • How to save a PowerPoint as a PDF ?

    Most presentation editors, such as PowerPoint and Keynote allow you to export your file to PDF immediately after creating it. To save PPT as PDF file in PowerPoint, click Save As under the File menu and choose the desired format. Then, save the converted document to the destination folder.

    However, if you already have a presentation you need to convert, it may be easier for you to upload it to our online PPTX to PDF converter.

  • How to convert PowerPoint to PDF on Mac ?

    There are two ways to convert PPT to PDF on Mac. One is best for when you have no internet connection but still need to save your presentation in a fixed format. For this, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint and simply export your presentation as a PDF.

    If you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer, you can convert your PPT or PPTX to PDF by opening it in Mac's native Keynote app. The process is the same: use the program to export the presentation as a PDF. Unfortunately, this option can potentially corrupt your original document. That's why we recommend you convert PPT to PDF online — it's more convenient and reliable.

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