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How to combine PDF files

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  • add pdf updateUpload your files one by one into the PDF merger window
  • add pdf updateArrange them in the desired order and click the Merge PDF button
  • download PDFCopies of the combined file will automatically appear in your Downloads folder and your account
How to merge PDF

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A simple tool for an easy PDF merge

Whether you are an individual looking to streamline your document workflow or a business in need of comprehensive document management tools, our PDF combiner is designed to exceed your expectations. Even experienced users will value the ability to quickly and easily combine and organize PDF files at once. We aim to develop the finest PDF merger to сombine PDF documents online — an ideal option for simple document management.


  • How do I combine files into one PDF online ?

    PDF Guru offers a range of online PDF management tools, including a very efficient PDF combiner. Here's how you can use it to join PDF documents into one:

    1. Open the PDF Merge tool and upload one of the files you wish to combine.
    2. Once it's uploaded, you can add more files. You can rearrange them in any order you want by dragging up and down the list.
    3. Once you're done, click the Merge PDF button, and within a couple of seconds, the file will be automatically downloaded to your device and saved in the Documents section of your PDF Guru account.

    Please note that you can only merge PDF files with other PDFs. If you wish to combine JPG with PDF, DOCX with PDF, or any other extension, you will first need to turn those files into PDF format with our Converter tool.

  • How do I combine PDF files on Mac ?

    Since PDF Guru is a web application, you can use it on any platform to perform a PDF merge. Mac, however, also provides another way to combine PDF files using its native software called Preview. Here's how it works:

    1. Open the main file in Preview.
    2. Click View, and check Thumbnails to see all the pages.
    3. Find the page after which the second file should be inserted.
    4. Click Edit > Insert > Page from File and select the second file.
    5. Save the new file by clicking File > Export as PDF.

    As you can see, this way to combine PDF on Mac is a bit more complicated and longer than our PDF merge online service. But you can always use it if you don't have access to the internet.

  • How do I combine PDF files in Windows ?

    Unlike Mac, Windows OS does not provide special software to use as a PDF merger or even viewer. There are some workarounds, however. You can view PDFs using Microsoft Edge but you can't create PDF files, edit or merge them, etc.

    Therefore, we recommend using our online tool to merge PDF documents. PDF Guru allows you to upload and merge multiple files in a matter of seconds, combine images into PDF, and also offers many other tools that you may need when working with files of this format. The alternative is to download and install software special software for merging PDFs, but such programs can be pricey and difficult to use.

  • How do I reorder pages in my merged PDF ?

    There are a few ways to organize pages within your compiled PDF. Combine and reorder the uploaded files using PDF Guru's combiner tool before you click to Merge PDF online. This option works if the pages within uploaded files are already in the right order.

    If you need to change the order of pages across various files that need to be merged, then we recommend the following steps:

    1. Upload your files into PDF Guru's Merger tool.
    2. Order them in a sequence that's as close as possible to the one you want.
    3. Download the newly compiled file.
    4. Upload the file into PDF Guru's Editor tool or find and open it in your account.
    5. Reorder the pages by dragging the thumbnails on the left.
    6. Save the edited version with the correct page order.
  • Can I merge PDFs with different page sizes ?

    Yes, PDF Guru can combine documents into one PDF regardless of page size. Normally, all pages within a PDF file have the same proportions. Exceptions occur when you merge images to PDF or export irregular-sized files into PDF format. Our PDF joiner can easily combine PDF online from such files without any issues. However, we remind you that you can't merge PDF with other file formats, for example, merge JPG to PDF, or merge PNG to PDF. You must convert those files first.

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