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How to Separate pages in PDF

  • upload pdf file Log in to your account and select the Split PDF tool
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  • add pdf updateWait a few seconds for the PDF splitter to process your file
  • download PDFAn archive with your split files will be downloaded to your device and saved in your PDF Guru account
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We excel at helping you split PDFs quickly

Our hardworking team puts in endless effort to offer you the best online PDF splitter you could possibly find. We want you to be able to save PDF as separate pages without any extra hassle. But we also do much more than that. PDF Guru provides a broad range of tools, including PDF editing, merging, signing, and conversion from PDF to Word, JPG, PNG, or PowerPoint (PPT) to PDF, and everything in between. We consistently improve our user-friendly tools to assist users in effortlessly managing PDFs.


  • How do I extract pages from PDF ?

    We've made sure to make the PDF split process as easy for you as possible. As mentioned above, all you need to do is select the appropriate tool and upload your PDF document. Once it is processed, separate PDF files will be downloaded on your device as a zip archive. To unzip it, simply click on it, and you'll be able to access the split up PDF pages.

    If you're using Mac's Safari browser, the archive will be automatically unzipped after the download. Also, the same copy of the zip archive will appear in your PDF Guru account.

  • Can I split a large PDF into multiple files ?

    With our online tool, you can extract pages from PDF files of almost any size. Even if it's a long book with intricate illustrations, our servers will handle it.

    There are some limitations, however. The file size limit for your upload is 50 MB, which is more than enough for most PDFs. Thankfully, if your file is over 50 MB, that's not an issue. You can still split a PDF using our tool by running it through our Compressor first.

  • How do I separate PDF pages on Mac ?

    Mac's native Preview software allows you to perform many basic actions with your PDF. Here's how you can use it to extract pages from PDF files:

    1. Open the file in Preview.
    2. Click View, and check Thumbnails to see all the pages in the left sidebar.
    3. Locate and select the pages you want to extract.
    4. Drag and drop them into the destination folder.

    Sounds fairly simple, but if you want to split PDF into individual pages, using Preview will take a long time, especially if your file has more than ten pages. Therefore, we recommend using our PDF splitter for such cases.

  • How do I split PDF pages in half in Windows ?

    Unfortunately, Windows does not provide any designated tools to help you split PDF documents. Technically, you could open them in Microsoft Word, select the section you want to extract, copy them into a new Word file, and export it as PDF. But that would ruin the formatting, in addition to being a hassle.

    Therefore, the easiest option is to perform a PDF split online using our tool, which works on any platform. We've already laid out the how-to process above. Another alternative is to download special PDF software, but it's often pricey and often requires special technical knowledge to use.

  • Will your PDF splitter affect my file's quality or formatting ?

    No, when you split PDF online using our tool, it does not affect the quality or formatting of your original file at all. The content, images, fonts, and layout will look exactly the same before and after processing.

    We use advanced technology to split PDF into multiple files without compromising the integrity of the original. You can rest assured that your documents will retain 100% of their quality when using our PDF splitter.

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